SharePoint feature

SharePoint onPrem 2013, 2016, 2019

Uninstall feature from SharePoint is one of the most important issue especially if you don’t know GUID for it. To uninstall the feature, you will need to get the feature first. Open SharePoint CMD as admin and use the following command

Get-SPFeature | where { $_.DisplayName.StartsWith("the feature name to be removed") }

Also, the feature can be found by GUID as in the following command

Get-SPFeature | where { $_.Id.ToString().StartsWith("Feature GUID") }

The complete command to uninstall the feature

Get-SPFeature | where { $_.DisplayName.StartsWith("feature name") } |
 foreach { Uninstall-SPFeature $_.Id -confirm:0 -force }

This command is very helpful especially when the retract didn’t go well and the feature became orphaned feature .