Setup the development Environment

Tenant level –> setup the app catalog to deploy our code and make it available for all the sites.

Development environment –> to build our web parts.

  • Navigate to admin home under your tenant /_layouts/15/online/AdminHome.aspx#/home
  • Click on more features –> apps –> open
  • you will create a new app catalog site as in the following image, entering title and select which site will host the app catalog and select language – time zone & assign the admin.
  • Create a site collection and name it developer site and this will be our testing site.

We need code editor and the required framework to build SharePoint web parts.

  • Install node.js LTS version 18
  • Install Visual studio code as code editor from here and you can use web-storm.
  • Using the VS – code terminal or windows CMD, you can install the rest of the tools as following:
    • Install Gulp npm install gulp-cli –global
    • Install Yeoman npm install yo@4.3.1
    • Install SharePoint generator npm install @microsoft/generator-sharepoint –global
    • Trust the self-signed developer certificate gulp trust-dev-cert

Congratulations, your development environment is ready to use.