Configuring SPO Tenant

In this post you are going to create a new tenant for use throughout all the examples that are mentioned in SPO-Admin – development categories. We are going to install the
necessary PowerShell tools for connecting to SharePoint Online and Azure Active Directory. Finally, you will create some users that will be used for testing during the course and install the Office client.

Prepare SharePoint management PowerShell:

  • Run Windows management Shell as admin
  • Type install-module MSOnline and press enter
  • Run the following commands in order:
          a. $Credential = get-credential – Enter your. user name and password,
    click OK
         b. Import-Module MSOnline
          c. Connect-MsolService –Credential $Credentia
  • Get-MsolUse –> you should receive the user data such as principal name, display name & if the user is licensed or no

Connect to your tenant

Open notepad or any text editor and add the following commands:

  • Import-Module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell
  • Connect-SPOService -Url https://tenant-admin.domain/ -credential UserName
  • save the file with extension ps1
  • run the file from SharePoint online management shell.

Then you will receive a popup to enter the password

You can open SharePoint online Management shell and execute directly the connect command